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Business Development Consulting
Business Development Coaching
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Business development. Management. Leadership.

We help lawyers and other professionals improve their ability to develop business, manage teams and lead their firms. Using time-tested teaching and coaching methodologies, we help professionals develop strategies, skills and systems to compete in “the new normal”.

Leadership for Lawyers provides:

  • Keynotes & workshops for firm retreats, networks and professional associations
  • Strategy development for firms and practice groups
  • Leadership development training and coaching
  • Business development training and coaching
  • Marketing and business development strategic planning
  • Client service improvement programs

Leadership for Lawyers Blog

Four Necessary Leadership Skills for Lawyers

Leading a law firm has never been easy, but lawyer leaders today face a more complex set of challenges from both inside and outside their firms. Beyond the daily challenges of finding and serving clie

The Law Firm as a Learning Organization

I don’t have to tell you about the changes facing our profession. Client expectations, competition, pricing structures, definition of value, a new generation of client decision makers and many other f

Humility as a Leadership Skill

              I often begin leadership workshops by asking this question: What do you most look for and admire in a leader, someone whose direction you would willing

Growing Thick Skin: Building Resiliency

I recall meeting a veteran legal marketer when I was a tenderfoot marketing director. He had a reputation for doing great things and launching innovative programs at his firm. He was larger than life,

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