Case Study: C-Level Staff Leader Development

An Amlaw 100 firm engaged Leadership for Lawyers for a leadership development program for their senior staff at their global operations center.


20 C-level and director level staff responsible for the firm’s marketing, technology, finance, accounting and other operational functions.  


The goal of the program was to increase teamwork and awareness of leadership skills for a group of managers responsible for initiating cost saving and efficiency improvements for a global law firm.  

Training Program

The training session focused on:

– Why leadership is challenging in law firms

– One’s identity and role as a leader 

– Initiating and managing change

– Change style differences (conserver, pragmatist, originator)

– Growth mindset

– Creating an engaged team

– Team development (forming, storming, norming, performing)

– Creating and engaging others in a challenging vision

The workshop included several experiential learning activities to illustrate leadership concepts and to give participants an opportunity to practice leadership skills.


Change Style Indicator:  Using the CSI, participants learned about how they and others approached change and innovation.  They discussed obstacles to change and how they could pursue change as a team by leveraging differences in their change style.  

Community  Building

Participants worked in cross-departmental teams to accomplish complex goals during the workshop, resulting in new and strengthened relationships between individuals and groups. 


Participants focused on how to apply leadership concepts and skills to more effectively implement change within their team, department and firm.  Each participant selected one leadership challenge to focus on over the next month.