Case Study: Mini-MBA for New Partners

Leadership for Lawyers was engaged to provide intensive training in the areas of leadership, business development and strategy for a leading global “off-shore” law firm. We worked with a team of learning professionals to design, deliver and evaluate the program.


New partners participated in a five-day intensive development program that focused on both skill development and strategic thinking aligned with the values and business goals of the firm.  The program was designed to stretch the partners around leadership responsibilities and to identify areas of further learning and development needs.  


Day 1:  Strategic thinking, finance and business management in the legal landscape

Day 2:  Business and relationship development

Day 3:  Human capital and leadership 

Day 4: Innovation and strategy

Day 5: Presentations, feedback, reflection and celebration


Participants took the DiSC assessment and debriefed though the lens of communication enhancement, leadership and business development

Case Study 

The participants were presented with a case study challenge prior to the week-long event.  In teams of four or five participants, they worked on creating a business plan for a new service or office location, with specific details to be addressed.  The content of each day related to the case study.  The teams worked late into the night to prepare their strategy for presentation.  The event concluded with each team presenting their plan, receiving feedback from the management committee and 


The program was well received by the partners and was shortlisted for the “Best Program for Leadership Development” at the Managing Partners’ Forum.