What’s Your Influencing Style

Chris Musselwhite and Tammie Plouffe created the Influence Style Indicator, which I use to teach influence to lawyers and other professionals  Here is a brief article on the approach. “Effective leadership today relies more than ever on influencing others — impacting their ideas, opinions, and actions. While influence has always been a valuable managerial skill, today’s highly collaborative organizations make it essential. Consider how often you have to influence people who don’t even repo
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Five Steps to Increase your Influence

Great, and brief, article on increasing influence here: “In 2009 and 2010, Discovery Learning, Inc. and Innovative Pathways conducted research to identify and measure influence styles. They created five categories: Asserting: you insist that your ideas are heard and you challenge the ideas of others Convincing: you put forward your ideas and offer logical, rational reasons to convince others of your point of view Negotiating: you look for compromises and make concessions to reach outcomes
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Webinar on Persuasion

Persuasion will be the topic for a free one-hour webinar on May 29th.  We’ll discuss why persuasion is challenging in law firms, a model for developing a persuasion strategy and how corporate storytelling can help you be more persuasive.  Register below.  I hope that you can join us. How does one lead without authority or control? How does one bring about positive change in an organization that is inherently risk-averse? How does a law firm manager influence and persuade others to effect c
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Friday 5 (Things I Learned at #LMA14)

The Legal Marketing Association (LMA) held its annual conference last week in Orlando, Florida, attended by more than 1,200 professional marketers. The buzz focused on a range of topics, from adapting to the “new normal” and sophisticated pricing strategies to using technology to market legal services and considering generational differences in your marketing message. Read my top 5 here.
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Mark Beese Inducted into Legal Marketing Association’s Hall of Fame

Leadership for Lawyers President Mark Beese received the Legal Marketing Association’s (LMA) Hall of Fame Award, the profession’s highest honor, at the 2014 LMA Annual Conference held in Orlando, Florida on April 4th. The honor represents the highest level of experience and leadership in legal marketing and recognizes contributions made by individuals for the benefit of the profession, the association and its community of professionals. This year two individuals were recognized.  Nat Slavin, Par
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